onsdag 1. januar 2020

JP Jones i Led Zep. Ingen kvensomhelst, sånn musikalsk-teoretisk. Han hadde det i blodet frå barndomen av. Også kyrkjelege røter, som også reflekterast i musikken til LZ på mykje vis. Page var nok hovudhjernen i LZ, men. Han hadde masse bakgrunn frå sessionmusikk, som også JPJ. 

John Baldwin was born in Sidcup, Kent.[3] He started playing piano at age six,[4] learning from his father, Joe Baldwin, a pianist and arranger for big bands in the 1940s and 1950s, notably with Ambrose and his Orchestra. His mother was also in the music business which allowed the family to often perform together touring around England as a vaudeville comedy act.[5] His influences ranged from the blues of Big Bill Broonzy, the jazz of Charles Mingus, to the classical piano of Sergei Rachmaninoff.[6]
Because his parents often toured, Jones was sent to boarding school at a young age.[7] He was a student at Christ's College, Blackheath, London where he formally studied music. At the age of 14, Jones became choirmaster and organist at a local church...

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