fredag 22. november 2019

Coldplay tek fram trua

Er visst ikkje så in å vere sekulær lenger :-p Kanye West gjev ut "Jesus is king", Dawkins seier at vi treng religion, og Coldplay gjev ut ei slags gospelplate. Whuda known.

Everyday Life is wildly uneven, held together only by its thematic obsession with religion: disc one (Sunrise) literally ends with a hymn, disc two (Sunset) with Chris Martin singing “Alleluia, alleluia”. You lose count of the references to God, church and prayer in between. What this signifies remains a mystery: has Chris Martin, a lapsed Christian, rediscovered his faith? Is it intended more in the vein of Nick Cave’s recent line about how “it doesn’t matter whether God exists or not – we must reach as if he does”?

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