fredag 18. oktober 2019

-- At this point in human biological and cultural evolution, it is wildly premature to think that we could have justified religious beliefs or disbeliefs. The topics are too difficult. We simply don't have enough knowledge to have confident insight into ultimate things.

-- At the same time, it is wildly premature to think that naturalism is the last word on things. We have glimpses of mind, value, and deep beauty that suggest a transcendent reality behind the world of appearances and of natural science. Maybe these glimpses are illusions or projections -- but, again, maybe they aren't. We just don't know for sure.

-- In these circumstances, religious searching and experimentation is a legitimate project. Knowing and loving a transcendent reality, if one really does exist, could enrich our inner lives and lay the foundation for a better culture. The human race might be ignorant of such ultimate truths right now, but intelligent life on this planet has a long history ahead of it. We won't know what we'll discover until we look for it.

Schellenbergs argument i eit nøtteskal. Ein får tenke kva ein vil. Men det er nyansar her som ein def finn i GT, NT og særleg hjå greske kyrkjefedre. Og i religionshistoria. 

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