lørdag 28. september 2019

...and underneath all of the apparent [news] frenzy a huge sense of ennui, that this is nothing more than theater--a dance of turkeys. All this frenetic activity hides a terrible Void, and it is deeper and deeper into that abyss that we are sliding, slowly but surely, on a daily basis.

What we are going thru is the disintegration of neoliberalism and globalization, basically the capitalist regime of the last 500 yrs. Macron said as much in a speech he gave a short while ago, talking (amazingly enuf) abt the end of Western hegemony. (Of course, he himself is a representative of that dying order.) Immanuel Wallerstein anticipated this, as did I, along with many other thinkers. 

As we shift from one large-scale system to another type of formation, we are going to live thru a very dark period; that's how it always is. 50 yrs down the line, however, things will start to stabilize. As what? is the question.

Sjølv er eg glad for at eg bur der eg bur, med gode menneske rundt meg, og natur og kultur. Det er ikkje "void" her då. Men kvar går "the rabbit hole", kvar ender det opp? Hm. 

Kom over dette. Den musikken. Det er ein rimeleg disturbing song, men den er interessant. Musikken, ja.

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