torsdag 22. august 2019

The Orthodox approach to religion is fundamentally a liturgical approach, which understands doctrine in the context of divine worship: it is no coincidence that the word ‘Orthodoxy’ should signify alike right belief and right worship, for the two things are inseparable. It has been truly said of the Byzantines: ‘Dogma with them is not only an intellectual system apprehended by the clergy and expounded to the laity, but a field of vision wherein all things on earth are seen in their relation to things in heaven, first and foremost through liturgical celebration’ (G. Every, The Byzantine Patriarchate, first edition, p. 9). In the words of Georges Florovsky: ‘Christianity is a liturgical religion. The Church is first of all a worshipping community. Worship comes first, doctrine and discipline second’ (‘The Elements of Liturgy in the Orthodox Catholic Church,’ in the periodical One Church, vol. 13 (New York, 1959), nos. 1-2, p. 24). Those who wish to know about Orthodoxy should not so much read books as follow the sample of Vladimir’s retinue and attend the Liturgy. As Philip said to Nathanael: "Come and see" (John 1:46).

Louth seier jamvel i si bok at han kviar seg for å i det heile skrive teologi - ein bør heller erfare i liturgi og liv, meiner han. 

Alt dette veldig annleis enn vest, både katolsk og protestantisk. 

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