torsdag 15. august 2019

The important thing is this - to remember that some things reach out to us from that level of being, to here. Anxiety is one. The sense of urgency. Oh, they make an illness of it, they charm it away with their magic drugs. But it isn't for nothing. It isn't unconnected. They say, "an anxiety state,", as they say, paranoia, but all these things, they have a meaning, they are reflections from that other part of ourselves, and that part of ourselves knows things we don't know

My advice: trust. Just put one foot in front of the other, as Machado advises. Pay attention to your dreams, your body, your physical reactions to things. As you walk, you'll make the road.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Perhaps. Only a small murmur in the stomach bereaves me of sleep, and I know not why the uneasiness is there. Anxiety often seems irrational, but deep down there is a reason. Do I really want to meet this reason? I don’t know. Perhaps it is just as well to live with the tension. Some times there are dreams and yearnings for creative outlets. Some times there are conflicts which must have its time to resolve. Some times there are impossible attractions and deep emotional pulls towards being closer to people.
    There is time for sudoku, for such mind games takes me to the field of play, and no thoughts nor emotions need to flash. There is no resolve in this, but simply a way to manage and manoeuvre life, as I keep the troublesome issues at arm’s length.
    Perhaps I agree with ‘trust’, but not in itself or in me, but in God who knows better and has the full perspective. I rather live with an openness to our creative and loving God than venturing out to meet hurt and confusion in my inner being.

  2. Hm. Well - if I may answer in English - I believe that deep streams of spirituality in the Christian church have not put a wedge between "God in creation", "God in the Bible" and "God in me." I suspect that exploring your own hurt and confusion would also be "a way to God", in a sense, since it would bring you closer to reality (=God, ultimately).

    Though what you are saying about living with tension etc. It raises deep issues. Sometimes one needs to deal with stuff, sometimes it's better to "let sleeping dogs lie", so to speak. "Forvandlet blir hver gåte her til lovsangsjubel der." Though in general I really do think that approaching the mess, so to speak, is a deep spiritual path.