onsdag 19. juni 2019


Svært interessant analyse frå Jean Claude Michea. Eg vil nok markere meir avstand til Marx, som eg ser som for sterkt forma av moderne dynamikk. Men elles mykje interessant sosial kritikk av den moderne nyliberale ideologi og elite.

The problem is that it strikes me as very difficult to speak of “value neutrality” without reintroducing all the assumptions of political, economic, and cultural liberalism! Lurking behind all these constructions of liberal philosophy is the idea (born during the traumatic experience of the awful seventeenth-century wars of religion) that since human beings are naturally incapable of agreeing on a definition of the “good life” or the “salvation of the soul” (moral and cultural relativism being logically inherent in liberalism), only a complete privatization of all the moral, philosophical, and religious values that allegedly divide us—and simultaneously imply the creation of a new kind of state, which is minimal and “value neutral”—can guarantee to each individual, in a pacified political framework, the right to choose the way of life that best suits them.

 On paper, such a program seems very appealing (particularly when one believes, with Marx, that “the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all”). The problem is that the imperative of “value neutrality” (or, if one prefers, the ideology of “the end of ideology”) always compels political and cultural liberalism to rely sooner or later on the market’s “invisible hand” to ensure a minimal common language and some social bonds, without which society could not reproduce itself in a lasting way.

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