fredag 7. juni 2019

 How did the American Empire persuade so many people around the globe for so long that it wasn't a racist violent ugly corrupt and hideously unequal sh1thole? People laugh at The USSR and Communist Chinese propaganda films, music etc, but they are dwarfed by the scale of dishonesty and lies that the US empire vomits out under guise of 'entertainment'. Thus, many Non Usians really believe that All Americans are slim, muscular, drive sports cars, live in condos by the beach etc. Slavoj Zizek has a good piece dissecting the movie "La La Land" where he reads it as a type of communist propaganda where the two protagonists sacrifice their happiness, their love for each other etc, in service to State Ideology. But instead of the glorious motherland, they sacrifice their humanity in order to become 'successful' in their 'careers'.

Many non Usians I know who have emigrated to the states did so under this brainwashing, and were also young, driven and pretty selfish at the time: prime US fodder. However, as they have aged, they have realised what a terrible mistake they have made, but unfortunately many feel stuck there.

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